Integrative Therapy
Massage,Bodywork & Energy Medicine By Donna Garbett,LCMT


 The best testimonial comes directly from the people that have been helped.  Simply give us a call, and we will be happy to connect you with them. If you prefer to read more reviews, testimonials are also located in the Google Review link at the bottom of the home page. 

Angie Pingley,Physical Trainer, "I enjoyed a 90 minute Cranial Sacral treatment given by Donna. Afterwards I felt less head and sinus pressure, less neck/ throat/ jaw/ tongue tension, and over all feeling of peace and bliss. I am also feeling a calmness to my belly ( gut & digestion) and diaphragm. I would highly recommend this treatment to someone with anxiety, TMJ, and headaches (and more!) I am looking forward to more treatments with Donna!"

Rachel Lawlor,Surgical Technician,"Donna is the most amazing massage therapist. She is incredibly knowledge about the body as a whole system, has techniques that bring immediate relief while still gentle, and is a very kind and non judgmental professional. She has helped me to understand my body, its pain points and its healing cycle very well. Would recommend Donna over and over."

Anna Deloach, Physical Therapist,"As s physical therapist, I have had very sub par experiences with massage therapists for myself. Donna, however, is exceptional. She has what I call “intelligent hands”. I felt her knowledge of anatomy during my session. She is so much more than a massage therapist. She really helped improve my pain. She went directly to the source without me telling her. Very impressed with her knowledge base and skill level."

Thomas Phillips, M.D.,"Donna has been my monthly massage therapist for 10 years! She has helped me through 10 marathons and thousands of running miles as well as through an assortment of exercise-related middle age dings and dents. I’ve gotten to know her as a person as well and she’s a jewel. I always look forward to my next appointment with her."

Nate, Rn, Nurse Practitioner,"Without a doubt, Donna, has been one of the most helpful NMT's I have met.  She is intricately knowledgable, and shares that knowledge, with her clients.  Wanting to return clients to their optimal level of activity, Donna gives clear instructions, goals and treatments to help between appointments.  For several years, I have seen how she wants to help her clients heal, and become pain free.  I have been a nurse for many years, and her beside manner, genuine, honest evaluations and expert knowledge and education, far exceeded expectations.  I recommend her to everyone I know.  Thank you, Donna, for always caring about me, as a whole person.  You constantly work, to keep me pain free and have given me the ability to enjoy my outdoor hobbies!"

Christy Craven, Teacher,"Donna was a life saver!! I had daily headaches until I started  seeing her for my TMJ/neuromuscular work. It’s refreshing to have someone who is so talented and really cares about their patients!!"

Michael Veltman, USAF Pilot,"Donna is amazing, as an ultra endurance athlete, Donna has always been able to expedite the recovery process."

Lisa Hale,Teacher,"I have been coming to Donna for several years. She has helped me with so many different conditions. She recently helped me with my torn rotator cuff, which gave me a lot of relief. She has also helped me with my plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. And she has helped me so many times with tense muscles from stress. She is the best massage therapist I have ever used."

Carly Thomas, Pediatric Dentist,"Donna is amazing. She is an excellent massage therapist. She is extremely knowledgeable and has the additional training to help one recover from injuries in addition to providing preventive care. She has helped me through many aches and pains. A great lady!!"