Self Care Tools

Welcome!  During  Co-VID 19  we would like to offer you additional tools for pain management and continued self care in the comfort of your own home. We have joined forces with Green Compass Global &

Green compass is a Hemp derived third party tested product that Donna has personally researched for more than a year.  If you're struggling with inflammation, muscle soreness, and pain this might be a product to explore the benefits for yourself. Did you know that current testing  is on going for discovering new clinical applications of hemp derived CBD? This type of clinical testing will widen our understanding to what illnesses this product can help with as well as explore the proper dosing on a case by case bases.  It's exciting times for those of us that suffer from disabling to minor pain, as well as anxiety related health issues! 


A secondary item is Lifewave pain patches. This is a non drug approach to pain relief and health support. Think along the lines of acupuncture with out the needles.  You can utilize the meridian system to place the patches or go directly to the pain area. You can find further info and make purchase thru Donna at: