Self Care Club Memberships

Self Care Club Membership

Maintaining the balance of your body is not a luxury! Our signature services help you prevent or recover from injury, get you out of pain, find balance in your body, calm your mind and body. By doing so can empower you to take charge of your life, and your health! Do you need help making a commitment to yourself? Now is the time to sign up to a minimum of one service a month and begin this journey.


1 Self Care Service / monthly (120Min, 90Min. or 60 Min. options)


120 Minute Self Care Club = $185/mo.

90 Minute Self Care Club = $135/mo.

60 Minute Self Care Club = $95/mo.  


Add additional Self Care Services for same membership price.



  • Memberships cannot be shared or transferred and are ongoing unless cancelled.
  • There is a $50 cancellation fee for any membership cancelled within 6 months from sign-up date. There is no cancellation fee for any membership cancelled after 6 months from sign-up date.
  • In order to cancel, you must give a 30 day written notice (email is sufficient). If the written notice falls within 29 days or less to a payment date, you will be charged for the following month.
  • For all memberships, your credit card will be charged monthly on the 1st of the month in the event you are unable to keep your appointment within that current 30 day time period. Example: You will be traveling for a month and preemptively know you will be unable to maintain the 1 appointment. Ultimately we prefer you pay your self care membership at the time of your monthly Self Care Appointment.
  • Self Care Club Members must receive their Services during the calendar month or you forfeit your service for that month. They do not roll over.
  • Add additional Services for the noted Service membership pricing. You can come as much as you like at the Self Care price tier.
  • In the event of unexpected medical or surgical time off is needed we ask for the curtesy of communication to place your 6 month commitment on hold & pick up where you left off prior surgery.
  • Self Care members are subject to all company policies, especially our No Show, No Call policy.

To sign up for our Self Care Club Membership, please call 404-391-3147 or sign up in studio, they are not available to join online.