Disclaimer Alert

*****Disclaimer Alert Integrative Therapists are not M.D.’s. If you have a medical condition that needs medical treatment please seek that first. L.M.T.’s Can only state what is observed, applied and potentially progress might be. Therapist speak from first hand practical/ life experience and do not diagnose. We do not prescribe RX medications. As a Clinical Sports, IRT, Fascial Therapist, & Yoga Instructor certain self care plans may be tailored & suggested to help you on your progress during your healing journey. Nutrition classes have been studied at Georgia Southern University level as well as post secondary schooling at Academy of Somatic Healing Arts. Nutritional support is also a component taught in Visceral Reflex to help support organs and glandular functions. We gladly share our knowledge to better support you. We ask that if you are on any medication to please let your therapist know. Please tell us about all of your past, present, or chronic health conditions. Some health conditions may be contraindicated for particular modalities. Communication is key & very much a team participation *****