Integrative Therapy
Massage,Bodywork & Energy Medicine By Donna Garbett,LCMT

2022 CoVid World

We have made it this far patrons! Thank you for your patience, understanding, continued support as we have all made changes and navigated our way through 2020,2021,2022.  Changes where made to meet Covid-19 safety measures. Bamboo Sheets are back and so very soft!

Here at Integrative Therapy mask are no longer required during treatment times. Confirmation is texted the day before your appointment. If you are experiencing symptoms of illness or if you wake up same day and have the slightest concern about your health, please reschedule. Do not come in if you are ill.  
CDC guidance and local infection rates will help to determine future business operating policies.  
 We will work hard to figure out your best care going forward.