2020 CoVid-19 Pandemic Closure

Dear Integrative Therapy Patrons,

During this Pandemic my business will be closed due to the closed quarters and close contact I am in with the people I treat. To help you understand where I stand during these times, All Gift Cards purchased in 2019 & 2020 Will Not Expire! They will be redeemable only by the person intended, non transferable & non refundable.  These are not new policies!The exception is the extension of the life of your Gift Card. It is normally valid for 12 months only. So do not worry it will be available to you when life returns to "normal"!

For you to understand further I am a Severe Esoniphilic Asthmatic, my DV spouse and child have heart issues, one child is Asthmatic and the other is allergic to even dust among many other things. I share this with you for transparency! Most of you depend on me for very serious pain issues, disease processes, recovery from surgery leading to compromised immune systems yourself & it breaks my heart to close my doors for any length of time.  I do not make these choices lightly! This is the only way I know to effectively protect your family and mine.

Keep in mind that the entire world is affected in one way or another. I pray that my local community & the world weathers the storm. God Grants us Deep Compassion For Each  Other! We need it! Stay Safe and Be Well!

Love & Light,

Donna Garbett,LCMT


Integrative Therapy