2020-21 CoVid Closure

Dear Integrative Therapy Patrons,

During Covid-19 Pandemic the business has been closed due to being Medically Fragile, factors such as close contact, extended exposure time frames during appointments, lack of PPE and cleaning supplies. During closure Donna has gathered supplies, put safety protocols in place, & limited scheduling hours to allow for cleaning for our safety.

 When it is SAFER to make appointments again:   You will need to plan ahead by putting a 2 week buffer between appointment and activities like travel, gatherings, sporting events. Mask will be required the entire time with 02 and temperature checks. ( No Gaiters) A pre screen COVID-19 questionnaire will be sent via text the day before.

In the event that local and state Covid-19 infection rates spike, no in person appointments will be made.  Based on governmental expectations of this pandemic we will see Covid numbers rise causing this business to close out of abundance of caution for everyone's health.

When we can return to the the treatment room a few changes have been put in place. Negative air flow via Fan Exhaust, HEPA air filter, Disposable table linens,  Sneeze Guard during face up treatment, Verified EPA disinfectant, UV-c light sanitizers in between appointments. With all of these changes there is No guarantee of COVID-19 prevention. This will be a team effort to keep you, your family, the next patient's health and me  & mine healthy. If you feel any COVID-19 symptoms, allergy, headache,  sneezing fits, flu, cold-like, shortness of breath, stomach distress, lethargy, loss of smell, Covid fingers, toes,&  tongue please reschedule until ILLNESS can be ruled out.  

Donna is a Severe Esoniphilic Asthmatic (lung) her spouse and child have heart issues, another child is Asthmatic and the other is allergic type. This is shared with you for transparency! Most of you depend on us for very serious pain issues, disease processes, recovery from surgery and deal with compromised immune systems. We will strive to go above and beyond to protect your health. We have chosen the homeschool route, we do not travel, we do not attend gatherings or sports events. Donna has 22 years invested into serving you and she looks forward to safely continuing to do so.

Keep in mind that the entire world is affected in one way or another. We pray that our local community & the world weathers the storm. Remembering that all things are temporary  & this to shall pass. God Grants us Deep Compassion For Each  Other! We need it! 

Stay Safe & Be Well,

Donna Garbett,LCMT


Integrative Therapy